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Get On Top Unblocked

Get On Top is an amazing online flash game that allows you to play with your friend making it so exciting when competing. This game is way ahead in terms of technology as it has been designed in such a way that you can play it using your gadgets or play it online for free. The fact that you can also play this game online makes it even better. What about when friends are occupied and you want to play the game? Well, that’s not a problem at all as you can still enjoy the game as a single player mode by selecting a single play option. So you can enjoy alone too.

Most of game lovers are caught up with emotions on the cost incurred while downloading and installing games, but with Get On Top Unblocked everything is free meaning you don’t need to download or install this game. All you need to do is to visit our website, play and enjoy the game in free of cost. The main objective of the player is to knock the enemy down to bounce his head off the ground. Actually, you are supposed to hit your enemy as many times as you can to emerge the winner. You can pull, jump, push and fight as part of your defense.

This game is more of a boxing or martial art combat. The game involves robots and as you well know there is nothing fascinating like playing with robots. You are required to learn how operate with an aim of smashing your opponents head. Apparently, you are authorized to do anything achieve it. You can hold him, pull him, push him or even jump on him just to ensure you win the challenge. To play Get On Top Unblocked game you only need to use "Right", "Left", "Up" and "Down" buttons.

If you happen to knock down their robots in 5 rounds you will get to level twelve after which you get to fight Mecha Botzilla which was inspired by Gotzilla and will promptly test your skills. Make appoint of trying out this enjoyable game and you will not get disappointed with Get On Top Unblocked.

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